EME Systems designs and manufactures instruments for environmental science. We offer both off-the-shelf products and the expertise to develop and customize systems for specific needs of our clients.

Our customers are biologists, agronomists, geologists, architects, and others in the broad field of environmental science. They work for private companies or consultants, profit as well non-profit, universities, and government agencies such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We have a world wide clientele, and can ship products directly from our facility in Berkeley, California. We take special interest in air and water quality, light as it relates to energy, plant growth, and illumination, integrative agriculture, and understanding of endangered species and ecosystems.

On our products page, you will find links to our OWL2pe and OWL3pro weather loggers, specialized amplifiers, signal conditioners, sensors, and system components such as batteries, chargers, solar panels, and enclosures. Our own sensors include probes constructed using the latest Sensirion RH and temperature technology.

We are a value added reseller of LI-COR light sensors. That includes the LI-200 pyranometer for solar energy, LI-190 series Quantum PAR sensor for photosynthesis, and the LI-210 photometer for visible illumination. Our amplifiers serve as a bridge between those sensors and general voltage and 4–20mA data loggers, computer cards, and SCADA systems. Our OWL data loggers can record light levels and ancillary data.

Our Bat-Hat is an amplified microphone cable up to 80 meters long that can be mounted on a pole or near a wind turbine. It works with Titley microphones and their Anabat detector, for unattended recording of bat calls. Bats are important ecologically. There are many populations and species of bats that are endangered or listed, so there is active need to detect their presence.

We sell and support products from Davis Instruments (rain and wind), IRROMETER (watermark), and Parallax (the cutting edge Propeller® microcontrollers, and the original Parallax BASIC Stamp®. To access the old site with information on the Basic STAMP please see this page.)

The about us page takes a look at our history and philosophy. See the ordering page for the price list and specifics about placing, paying, and shipping an order. Orders can be placed by phone or email, or by using the online shopping cart options found on each individual product page. Documentation for products is there on the individual pages as well. The contact page has our phone number, physical address, and email address. There is also a form you can submit with queries.


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