Stache Quick Start.

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To download a program from your PC to the Stache…

Start the Parallax Stamp II programming software, and load the program you wish to transfer to the Stache. You can use either the DOS or the Windows software. If you are running Windows software, be sure that the proper stamp is selected using the $STAMP directive (BS2, BS2SX, BS2e or BS2p) and the All option selected for downloads under preferences/editor operation. Connect the Stache to your normal programming cable, using the DB9 gender-changer provided, as shown in the photo. Power the Stache with a good 9-volt battery. RUN the program just as if you were programming an ordinary BASIC Stamp. The progress bar should appear on the computer screen, and the LED on the Stache should flash on and off green as the program is transferred to the Stache. (If it flashes red or if the PC gives an error message, see the error codes.) You can now disconnect the programming cable, and you can disconnect the battery from the Stache. The program data is stored in non-volatile memory in the Stache.

Special for BS2sx, BS2e and BS2p. These stamps can hold more than one program in up to 8 program banks. In the Windows software, the programs can be organized into projects by use of the $STAMP directive. When you choose RUN, and if ALL is selected under preferences/editor operation, then all of the programs associated with the project will be downloaded to the Stache. If you are using the DOS software for the BS2sx, BS2e or BS2p, you must load and RUN each program in your project separately, using the ALT-n option to select the target bank before each download. In either case, Windows or DOS, the Stache will store and keep track of all the parts of your project as one unit.

 To upload a program from the Stache to a BASIC Stamp…

Stache in OWL Board

When you connect the Stache to a good 9 volt battery, the green light will flash briefly. Plug the Stache into the programming connector on your Stamp project or carrier board. Refer to the box below if you do not have a standard connector and need to construct an adapter. Be sure the power to your project is also turned on&emdash;the Stache battery does not power your Stamp project. There must be a connection (direct or via a capacitor) from pin 4 of the DB9 connector to pin 3 of the BASIC Stamp. The type of program in the Stache must match the type of Stamp to be programmed, or else you will get a type 2 error.

Stache to Stamp, program upload adapter

Stache pin 2 of DB9, to pin 1 of the Basic Stamp
Stache pin 3 of DB9, to pin 2 of the Basic Stamp
Stache pin 4 of DB9, to pin 3 of the Basic Stamp

Press and quickly release the pushbutton on the Stache. The green light should flash on and off as the program is transferred to the BASIC Stamp, and then finish up with a longer green flash. (If it flashes red, see the error codes.) There is no special action required for the BS2sx, BS2e or BS2p. All of the programs in the project will be transferred in succession. That's it! Your Stamp is programmed. Unplug the Stache and detach the battery, or move on to program other Stamps.

Error Codes (number of red flashes)

1: check connections and power supplies.
2: no program for the Stamp detected.
3: check for loose connections or bad data.
long red: out of Stache memory
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