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What do I do? I have Stamp projects out at field sites and I have to reprogram them--Sometimes in the rain--Sometimes I have to get someone else to do it --Sometimes under pressure with other people looking over the shoulder!?

Here are some options, with and without the Stache.

• Normal Stamp programming for a project at a field setting.

You bring the project back to the computer to reprogram it. Alternatively, you can carry a laptop computer to the field site and do the reprogramming there. If the system is at a remote site, you might have to get someone else to take these steps.

It used to be that you had to use the main programming environment, STAMPW.EXE to do all the programming. This could be a problem in situations where you were selling a system and did not want the person on the other end to see or tinker with the program code or have to follow all the necessary steps. With the new version 1.3 of Stampw.exe from Parallax, you have the option of saving your program as an "object loader" that you or someone else can later use to program a stamp. This is a much simpler process and does not require fiddling with the program settings or even seeiing the program code.  That is great if you are sending the program to a customer who may want to get the job done as quickly as possible, or where you do not want them tinkering with or even seeing the proprietary code


STAMPW programming a system directly

• Stamp programming with the Stache as a go-between...

You write the stamp program at your desk, program it into a Stache, and then carry the Stache to the field site to enter the new program into the system. This is especially convenient when you have to ask other people to do the field programming, because they can carry the Stache the field and get the job done with one press of a button.

One Stache can hold several different versions of the same program, or it can hold programs for several different completely different field systems. It even can hold a mix of programs for BS2, BS2e, BS2sx and BS2p.


field programming with the Stache

• Stamp programming at a distance...

A firmware upgrade for a Stamp-based system may involve sending the program to a customer or friend far away. It may be most convenient to send it via email. The Stache provides a particularly convenient go-between if the person at the other end as is ofthen the case needs to carry the program from desktop to a field site.

With the new version 1.3 of Stampw.exe from Parallax, you have the option to save your program as an "object loader", a single executable file that you can send via email. Then the person on the other end can run it with the Stache attached to the programming cable, and then transport the program in the small convenient Stache to the field location, and there program the new code into the target field system.

Stamp Loader and Stache

A great combination, the new Object Loader + Stache. Please do consider what the Stache could do for your project development!

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