Stache version history and upgrades

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The current version of the Stache firmware is 1.7

Upgrade policy

We want you to have the latest and greatest.

The version number of the Stache firmware appears in the debug window, right after you program a Stamp with a program that has at least one debug command in it.

If you have purchased a Stache with an older version of the firmware, you can send it back to us for a free upgrade, with only a charge for shipping and handling. Within the continental United States, we will return ship via UPS ground service. Please include a check made out to EME Systems for $6 for shipping and handling, or if you would like 2nd day express shipping via UPS blue label service, please make the check out for $12. If you are outside the United States, please email for instructions. One of the Parallax distributors may be able to handle the upgrade.

2002 Notice: If you purchased your Stache in 2002, and you did not receive the version 1.6 or above firmware, we will also cover the return shipping cost via UPS ground or USPS priority shipping.

If you have the sx-key or sx-blitz, we may be able to arrange for your do-it-yourself upgrade via email.

Please send email in advance so we will expect your upgrade request.


Version 1.7

Adds support for the new BS2pe module, which is first supported by version 1.33 of STAMPW.EXE. Also supports both BS2p v1.2 and v1.3. Stache v1.7 is also tolerant of minor version changes in the Stamp firmware, (e.g. BS2p 1.2->1.3) without requiring a further up grade of the Stache firmware.


Version 1.6.

This makes the Stache firmware compatible with the version 1.3 IDE, STAMPW.EXE released by Parallax in November, 2001. The version 1.6 firmware is completely rewritten to use the interrupts for better handling of the variable timing and the new protocol that the IDE uses for testing for the presence of the different stamp chips. Our v1.6 firmware is also completely compatible with the "Object Code Loader" for field programming.


Version 1.5.

This make the Stache firmware compatible with the version 1.2 IDE, STAMPW.EXE released by Parallax in September, 2001. This IDE actually tests all available com ports and identifies any stamps attached to each of those ports. The rapid-fire identification process caused problems for the old Stache firmware. If you do not want to upgrade your Stache firmware, you can continue to use the Parallax version 1.1 STAMPW.EXE to program the Stache. This version still had a problem with multibank stamps and also with the identification process on some computers. Please upgrade to version 1.6


Version 1.4.


Version 1.0

This was the original public release. It works fine with the version 1.1 IDE, STAMPW.EXE, as well as the DOS programming utilities for the individual Stamp chips. Version 1.0 support s the original BS2, as well as the BS2sx and the BS2e. It does not support the BS2p.


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